Be the death of the party.

You need to lie down for this. The Irish Classical Theatre Company's biggest party is honoring you this year. So don your best, one last time. You obviously cannot miss it.

Welcome to your departure.

Follow the procession to The Atrium @ Rich's on Friday, February 23, 2018, at 6pm for the final party in your honor. With each ticket, family, friends, and well-wishers (aged 21 and older, of course) will enjoy food, much-needed drink, lively Irish music, and other respectful distractions as they send you off lovingly into the afterlife. Make your last memory a truly fond one.

VIP tickets include access to a special mourning area with private bar and expanded food options. You’ll also receive a commemorative pint glass you’re free to fill with ale or tears.

Paying their respects (and many of the bills).

Our loving sponsors make us weep with joy.

Now what?

Sure is dark in here.



Nice of all those people to come by.

And such a lovely day.

Is this it?

Wish I had brought a flashlight.

Soooooo, eternity, huh?

Well, well, well.

It’s quiet.

How long can this go on?




I think I may have to use the bathroom.

Nah, that’s impossible.

Kind of hungry though.

That’s impossible too.

But what can I say?

Corned beef and cabbage right about now.

Oh yeah.

What was that?

I think I heard a worm.

I heard worms have no ears.

That’s crazy.

Worms are odd for sure.

And creepy.

And wiggly.

It’s a little cold down here.

I shouldn’t be able to feel cold.

Though, much better than feeling HOT right now.

If you know what I mean.

I miss music.

And dancing.

And Guinness.

And laughing.

And Guinness.

And Seamus.

And Guinness.

And Mary.

And Guinness.

And Vincent.

And Guinness.

And Liam.

And Guinness.

And Colleen.

And Guinness.

And Bridget.

And Guinness.

And Guinness.

And Guinness.

And Guinness.

And Guinness.

And Guinness.

And Guinness.

And Guinness.

And Guinness.

And Guinness.

Ah well.

I suppose I’ll nap.

That makes no sense.